From today onwards, conversation designers, linguists, bot builders and language lovers can discuss their favorite topics on Clubhouse!

OK, it took me a lot of FOMO and the actual purchase of an Apple device, but there it is. Clubhouse has got its dedicated conversation design community! As of today, I host weekly rooms in my own dedicated nook of the social audio space: Convoclub. Each Friday, 16:00 CET, I organise a mellow get-together where we have casual chats, discuss our weeks, and where we can listen to really cool guests from the conversational space.

And bonus: I’ll try to sketchnote each session! Here’s one from our very first session!

To join, install Clubhouse on your iPhone or iPad (sorry Android users, you’ll have to wait a bit longer), and join me at

5 checks to keep your content on track — and your clients happy

Earlier on, I talked about how to embrace client or colleague feedback for what it is: extremely useful input for improving the quality of your content.

In this article, I share a handy 5-point checklist that I use for exploring feedback that I receive. If possible, I schedule a meeting with the feedback-giver, and make sure I have plenty of time to really understand both the person on the other side, and the topic and hand.

1. Did I get the facts right?

This may sound obvious, right? But if, like me, you work in complex domains like banking, transportation or finance, the concepts that I write…

Relax, it’s not about you :-)

Growth — Maaike Groenewege

So you’ve spent hours crafting that one article. Shed blood, sweat and tears designing that one perfect conversational flow. You hand it over to your editor, your peer reviewer or your client…and they smash it to pieces.

Believe me, I’ve been there. Some people used red pens :-) And if there’s one thing that years of cross-outs, angry red circles and exclamation marks have taught me, it’s that I’m not married to my texts. My content is not an extension of my ego.


When you put a lot of effort in crafting your copy, you run the risk of emotionally…

Adopting Agile methods? Avoid the pitfall of copying IT scrum to content teams

Sprinters— Maaike Groenewege

If, like me, you work for corporate clients a lot, chances are that you’ll be part of a chatbot scrum team. And that you’ll work in sprints: fixed periods of time in which the team commits to finishing a pre-planned package of work.

Traditionally, IT teams work in two-week sprints. That’s usually enough to develop, test and deploy one or more software features. But what if you’re in a chatbot or conversation scrum team? Is a two-week sprint a relevant period of time for what we do…

Conversation design is a career on the rise! And I sure notice that in my inbox: I get a lot of questions on how to break into this great profession. As much as I’d love to answer all of your messages personally, there’s only so many hours in a day. So instead, I collected some of the most frequently asked questions and put them here for you.

What is a conversation designer?

Simply put: a conversation designer creates the conversations that you and I have with chatbots and voice assistants. We call these bots conversational interfaces, because you can talk to them in your very…


Samen met Brielle Nickoloff ben ik vorige maand gestart met een nieuwe editie van Voicelunch: eentje speciaal voor taalkundigen, conversation designers en iedereen die iets heeft met taal! We hebben inmiddels twee voicelunches achter de rug, waaronder de inmiddels beruchte ‘vloek & scheldbot’-editie :-) En binnenkort staan fonetiek, intonatie en SSML op het programma.

Meedoen? Registreer je op Je ontvangt dan automatisch alle uitnodigingen in je inbox.

Wat is voicelunch?

Mocht je nog niet bekend zijn met het fenomeen: voicelunches zijn virtuele meetups waar mensen vanuit de hele wereld bij elkaar komen om te eten, te kletsen en ideeën uit te wisselen…

Last @voicelunch with @BrianRoemmele was without a doubt the best voicelunch I never attended. Fortunately, @afirstenberg tweeted notes & quotes, so I could still make some sketchnotes. Here they are: Voicelunch with Brian Roemmele — The ‘Prisoner’ tweets :-)

Visual notes — Voicelunch with Brian Roemmele

At voicelunch, we don’t record our sessions, so that participants can meet in an open and safe space. This means that when something special happens, and you’re not there…you miss out! So I missed out on Brian Roemmele.

Do I mind? No, I feel it’s part of the magic of voicelunch. It makes me run the extra mile to be there…

Conversation design is een vak met toekomst! En dat merk ik aan mijn inbox. Ik krijg steeds vaker berichtjes van mensen die meer willen weten over dit prachtvak. Helaas heb ik niet de tijd om iedereen persoonlijk te woord te staan. Vandaar dat ik de meest gestelde vragen hier voor je op een rijtje heb gezet.

Wat is een conversation designer?

Heel simpel: een conversation designer ontwerpt de gesprekken die jij en ik hebben met chatbots en voice-assistenten. Chat- en voicebots worden vaak aangeduid als conversational interfaces. En je communiceert ermee in je eigen woorden. Dat maakt ze makkelijk en toegankelijk in gebruik.

Voorbeelden van…

Maaike from

Hoihoi! I’m Maaike from Convocat. I’m a conversation designer & coach from the Netherlands. I’m crazy about chatbots, linguistics and Terry Pratchett.

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