From today onwards, conversation designers, linguists, bot builders and language lovers can discuss their favorite topics on Clubhouse!

OK, it took me a lot of FOMO and the actual purchase of an Apple device, but there it is. Clubhouse has got its dedicated conversation design community! As of today, I host weekly rooms in my own dedicated nook of the social audio space: Convoclub. Each Friday, 16:00 CET, I organise a mellow get-together where we have casual chats, discuss our weeks, and where we can listen to really cool guests from the conversational space.

And bonus: I’ll try to sketchnote each session! Here’s one from our very first session!

To join, install Clubhouse on your iPhone or iPad (sorry Android users, you’ll have to wait a bit longer), and join me at

Maaike from

Hoihoi! I’m Maaike from Convocat. I’m a conversation designer & coach from the Netherlands. I’m crazy about chatbots, linguistics and Terry Pratchett.

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